Sanchez and Number Seven in Manchester United

Sanchez and Number Seven in Manchester United

Counting since Monday (22/1), Alexis Sanchez has officially become a Manchester United player. The 29-year-old Chilean sign a four-and-a-half-year contract at United. He will get a salary worth 14 million pounds per season after taxes.

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Sanchez move to MU is quite surprising. The reason, the former Barcelona player has long been the target of Manchester City cared for by Josep Guardiola. But suddenly MU is at the front in the signature of Sanchez in the transfer market this winter.

Club 20 times Premier League champion was the most ready to provide high salaries on the players concerned. In addition, MU can also give the hope of winning the title in the Premier League or in other competitions. He was also given the mandate of wearing a very sacred number seven backs at the club.

“When they told me that Cristiano, Cantona, David Beckham was wearing it, I think that number seven raises the dream of lifting the Champions League trophy and winning the Premier League title,” Sanchez said shortly after officially becoming Manchester United’s player.

In recent years no player has been successful when using the number seven back at Manchester United. Using this number is kind of a burden for players.

Therefore there is an ‘unwritten’ requirement for players who wish to take the number. To be sure they must have special advantages. If the players are mediocre, better not in a hurry to choose the numbers because later it would only get blasphemous.

After the successful George Best led United to the English League in 1965, the seven successful Manchester United players were Steve Coppell, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and then Cristiano Ronaldo. And then, whoever wears, regardless of price, number seven just carries a mere misfortune.

Michael Owen take number 7 after Cristiano Ronaldo. The former Liverpool player joined Manchester United in 2009 from Newcastle United. But during the game at Manchester, he is more often sitting on the bench due to a series of injuries that block him. He scored only 17 goals during his three years at Manchester United. Finally he left in 2012 to Stoke City with free transfer.

After Owen, Antonio Valencia who previously used the number 25 in trying to inherit luck number seven. But he even burdened in carrying the numbers. And while wearing number seven in the 2012/2013 season, he did not play well.

Then the next season he returned to number 25. Fortunately he did not force himself to use the number seven, so that the player from Ecuador still survive at Old Trafford until today.

There was a hope of revival number seven when Louis van Gaal brought in Angel at Maria from Real Madrid. Hope it is not excessive, at first. Indeed, no one who doubts the ability of players from Argentina is on the field.

When playing in Real Madrid, Di Maria is a very vital player role. He delivered Real Madrid won the title of La Liga (2012) and Champions League (2014). Therefore, Manchester United did not hesitate to break the record transfer in England to bring it to Old Trafford

But the number seven actually brought disaster to Di Maria. He did not last long at United. After a season playing at Manchester United, he was released to PSG.

The last figure trying to use number seven was Memphis Depay. Players who join the MU in 2015 from PSV Eindhoven is expected to follow in the footsteps of Ronaldo. He came to United when he was very young and after becoming the top scorer in the Dutch League.

But playing at Manchester is not as easy as he imagined. He only lasted one and a half seasons before being released to Lyon in January 2017.

Alexis Sanchez deserves to be number seven. While at Arsenal, the former Udinese player has already been wearing that number.

It is undeniable that the mature Sanchez is a very important player in the Arsenal squad. He was Arsenal’s best player last season and also in the 2014/2015 season.

Players who have right dominant feet can play in various positions. But everyone belive he will take place as a left wing in Jose Mourinho’s 4-2-3-1 formation at Manchester United.

Sanchez and Number Seven in Manchester United

Looking at Sanchez’s statistics with Arsenal in the Premier League so far, chances are he will be able to add power knocked off the club’s Red Devils. Based on the record appearance in the Premier League until this January, Sanchez at least has provided key bait as much as 47 times, creating opportunities for his team 50 times. In addition, he was recorded to have shot as many as 69 times and provide assists as many as five times. This record is more promising when compared with the performance of Marcus Rashford or Anthony Martial-two players are installed alternately as a left winger.

However, his performance at Arsenal could not guarantee Sanchez would certainly shine at Manchester United. He could have failed like Memphis Depay and two players number seven before. But he can also be a big success like the legendary who has recorded history at MU with number seven.

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