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Why Bonucci Leave Juventus for AC Milan?

Review as a backward step, what caused Leonardo Bonucci to leave Juventus immediately for AC Milan?

Cmd368 Sports – Everyone laugh while reading the news headlines La Stampa with the title “AC Milan next Target Leonardo Bonucci”. Not without reason, because the various factors appear not to support the mega transfer occurred.

Whether to see Juve and Milan’s current comparison, emotional attachment of Juve and Bonucci, which makes the players refuse to move to Chelsea, Manchester City, to Barcelona. This transfer is cursoryly rated as a retreat for the ex Bari.

But the public seems to forget or might don’t know if La Stampa is a media owned by the family Agnelli, the majority shareholder of Juve. When the news concerns Bianconeri, then you rather believe because they are believed to have a source in the board of directors of the club.


Cmd368 Sports – It is a fact that Bonucci had a great conflict with Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri in the middle of last season. At that time after massacring Palermo 4-1, Bonucci attacked Allegri verbally because of tactical problems.

Bonucci was dropped from a squad that travels to Porto’s headquarters in the last 16 of the Champions League, while Allegri is fined and obliged to hand him over to charity. Since that moment their relationship is believed that never become better.

Things got worse when La Stampa revealed Bonucci was the culprit of the conflict in Juve’s locker room, at the Champions League final interval.

Leo who advises Paulo Dybala to play more boldly and urged his comrades to be wary of Marcelo’s moves, getting a negative response including from Allegri.

Rumors of his departure to Milan indicate that the conflict between Bonucci and Juve, especially Allegri, is still there.


Cmd368 Sports – Milan with its new dynasty back up by an ambitious China investor project, afterward seen as a club that fits perfectly with what Bonucci expects. Especially looking at the Rossonerri stretch in the transfer market in this summer.

Besides Milan’s mentality and history while playing in Europe is also one of Bonucci’s tantalizing things, as he hopes to win the Champions League title in his golden career.

If you want to find a new challenge, then why Bonucci not just a career outside of Italy? Moreover, Bonucci is known to have turned down a bid that is more interested both in achievement and financially from Chelsea, Manchester City, and Barcelona.

Cmd368 Sports believe that the family became the main factor Bonucci reluctant to career outside Italy. Her two sons Lorenzo and Matteo, who had just recovered from a hard illness, so the toughest consideration.

Bonucci and his wife, Martina Maccari, are reluctant to have their growing children undergo radical changes in their social environment. In addition Milan is also a city where this couple meet and start a love story to decide to get married in 2011.

It is also mentioned that Bonucci and Martina admire Milan as the most ideal city to live life. Environment in Milan is more crowded and colorful, compared to Turin is known to be very calm and impressed monotonous.