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Cristiano Ronaldo News on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo Makes a Huge Amount of Money on Instagram – While most of us are still confused about why there are more filter options on Instagram than hours in a day, there are some celebrities who are making more money off a single Instagram post than many of us could make in 10 years.

Most of us use Instagram on our holiday and our daily eating habits, although we do not make not even a pennie from this. We are, of course,
common mortals and we miss a few million followers, so we do not have such claims.

But if you have a crowd near the Mexican population then it’s not hard to make any money from Instagram.
Companies have teamed up with celebrities for years, finding social media a new ally for discreet promotion of their products.

Of the 10 top spots, eight are taken by women. Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James are the only two men to make the list. Ronaldo is the
third-highest money-earner with $400,000 per post and LeBron takes the tenth spot at $120,000 per post. It makes sense that Ronaldo is so high up.
With soccer being the global game that it is, he’s certainly one of the most high-profile athletes on the planet. (He did get an airport named after him, after all. Even if it did include a nightmare-inducing bronze of his face.)

Cristiano Ronaldo and James are the only men in the relevant list of HopperHQ with the rich of Instagram. Only the football player makes four times the amount of each post from the basketball player.

The portuguese superstar of football draws 400,000 euros per photo published in the social network, as companies and advertisers know that 104 million followers will automatically see it ! And if some other celebrities appear sparingly with posts containing product placement, Cristiano does not have such problems.

At the list is third, behind Kim Cardassian and Selena Gomez, although the most horrific feature of the ranking with the millionaire celebrities of Instagram is the fact that the top ten are showing so many Cardashian members (Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall Jenner)!

According to D’Marie Analytics, however, nobody makes more of Beyonce in social media, as each post with a sponsor can catch even 1 million. And this happend due to the limited posts with product placement. But when she does her audience is going crazy.