Reunion with Everton is the Right Step for Rooney

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Wayne Rooney returns to Everton after 13 years with Manchester United. He had the opportunity to rediscover his finest touch at Goodison Park. – This summer transfer window presents various surprises, especially the departure of Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney, whose prefer to return to his childhood club Everton.

His return to Everton is also the end of an era at Old Trafford, whose at the other side is welcoming a new chapter under the command of manager Jose Mourinho.

his self seems to know that he has no chance left at United – a club he has defended for 13 years – after he lost his place in the first team. In the last season, the player who is closely with Wazza was often parked with only appearing 25 times in the Premier League.

His departure decision is certainly been thought through by the player. And as the 2018 World Cup is to take place a year from now, this option is judged as the best way to increase its chances of leaving for Russia next year, and so it might be.

At the age of 31 years, the stocky player is certainly still have a lot to offer. Rooney even tried to be fit before the season began with shortening his vacation time with family and intense training for the last two weeks before returning to Everton.

In his favorite club, he would be used as an important part of Ronald Koeman’s landing team, which so far lacked a winning figure as well as a leader. The Dutchman also has no doubt whatsoever on him, who he calls knowing how to win the title.

“Everyone knows the quality of Wayne,” Koeman said. “He is really a striker and players of such quality can play beyond his position. He can be the No. 10 player behind the striker, playing from the left, as players No.9 and No.7.

“The quality of the players is the most important thing. We want to win the trophy and experience that is not owned by all players at Everton. We have a lot of young players but the experience to win the title is very important for Everton. This is one of the reasons we brought him home.

“As we speak, it’s all about ambition. He showed me he liked the pressure. He will have pressure next season and he is used to it. ”

That said, this move will only have the positive result for United’s all-time top scorer, although many out there feel sad and disappointed over his departure from Old Trafford because he is undoubtedly a Red Devils legend, who also has personal ambitions.