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Bayern Munich Signed James from Real Madrid

Bayern Munich made a Big Surprise by Signed James from Real Madrid, and they did it without having to pour bombastic funds. – There is hardly a closed secret in this modern era. In the context of the transfer market in football, all the movements of the club easily.

So, it is a big surprise Bayern Munich able guerrilla under the radar to hold James Rodriguez. Without , the Bundesliga giants announced the Colombian star’s recruitment from Real Madrid on Tuesday (11/7) yesterday.

The 25-year-old, who signed a six-year contract at Real when he joined from Monaco for £71m in July 2014, made just 22 appearances in La Liga last season.

Understandably, during this time Rodriguez more often linked with Chelsea, Manchester United, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain. However, instead of anchored to the English Premier League, James choose to fly to Germany.

Bayern did not have to “break into the bank” in order to realize this transfer. James was carried on a two-year loan contract plus a permanent ownership option. According to Sport Bild reports, the cost of borrowing the player is € 5 million per season, and Bayern need to spend € 35.2 million to make it permanently.

A glance of total value of more than € 45 million indeed not small sum, but if you look at the price that Madrid originally assigned to James at € 78 million – not far from the purchase price of € 80 million from AS Monaco in 2014 – Bayern have taken a brilliant transfer step Relatively frugal. Die Roten keeps their sanity in an increasingly crazy market.

The Carlo Ancelotti factor clearly plays a big part in James’s decision to agree with the Bavarians and deny the temptations of EPL clubs with all the glamor.

“The recruitment of James Rodriguez is a great desire of our coach, Carlo Ancelotti, after both of them managed to work together at Real Madrid,” said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge as Bayern chief executive.

“James is a great player. He scored a lot of goals also created assists and was adept at executing the dead ball. No doubt we’ve improved our squad quality with this transfer. ”

Not a few who branded the lefty from Colombia as Galactico who failed in Madrid, but in truth James just less chance. For three years he costumed Los Blancos, an expert who plays a role as attacking midfielder or winger on both sides of the field is the most collecting performance under Ancelotti in 2014/15. Playing 46 times throughout the competition, James replied to Don Carletto’s confidence by donating 17 goals plus 18 assists.

The incision was not enough to help James maintain a core position after the coaching stick changed hands to Rafael Benitez and then Zinedine Zidane. Confidence in the 2014 World Cup top scorer is even likely to continue to slump along with two coaches who are equally fond of doing the rotation.

Of the 29 games as a starter in La Liga Spain 2014/15, James’s number of action in the starting XI declined to 17 in 2015/16, and dropped again to just 13 seasons ago. James still able to make a big contribution in the middle of the lack of chance for him.

In addition to packing 8 goals and 6 assists, Opta noted James as a Madrid player with the number of second highest chance creations in La Liga last season. Creating 44 chances, the former penggawa Porto is only lost to Toni Kroos (80). In fact he only collected 1179 minutes to play, while Kroos 2501.

Even 26th birthday on Wednesday (12/7), James began to step on the prime age of a footballer and he needed a wide field of opportunity to reach the peak of performance. The reunion with Ancelotti could usher in the wilted Galactico again flying high, and Bayern may smile complacently to have completed another efficient transfer.