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Chelsea prefer Alvaro Morata Or Andrea Belotti

Chelsea prefers the style playing of Alvaro Morata or Andrea Belotti rather than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. – Chelsea claimed to put forward the transfer of Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid or Torino bomber Andrea Belotti rather than carrying Borussia Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabon superstar is said to have been offered to Stamford Bridge after Antonio Conte’s side failed to land Romelu Lukaku, who choose to dock at Manchester United.

Morata, who was also wanted by United, is keen on a move away from Real Madrid as he was not first choice under Zinedine Zidane last term.

Despite the possibility of signing Aubameyang, Conte is believed to be more interested in having the services of Morata or Belotti.

“Will he [Conte] realize the transfer of Aubameyang? Of course he has the opportunity to take this option,” said journalist Gabrielle Marcotti to ESPNFC.

“However, I still think, Conte’s priority at the moment is to bring in players like a Morata model, or maybe if they can lower the price of Andrea Belotti,” he added.

“If you’re Chelsea, you have to find an answer there. It seems like the only feasible answer right now is Alvaro Morata.