Alexis Sanchez Take Number 7 in Manchester United

Alexis Sanchez Take Number 7 in Manchester United

Alexis Sanchez seems undaunted by the captivating reputation of the owner of the number 7 back at Manchester United. He also seems unencumbered by the long history that accompanies the number.

The Chilean had just officially joined United,
who traded him with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, after which he decided not to renew his contract at Arsenal.

At Old Trafford, Alexis Sanchez will be wearing the legendary 7th number back,
which has previously been used by many great players at the club.

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However, it should be noted that in recent years, those who inherited the sacred number had never appeared to be captivating. Call it Angel in Maria and Memphis Depay.

Even so, Alexis Sanchez said at MUTV: “When they say that Cristiano, Cantona and David Beckham have already worn it, thinking about number seven alone has made you dream of lifting Champions League and Premier League trophies.”

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“So yes, I am living my dream and hope to give the best and win many trophies at the club.”

Barcelona So Inspiration Alexis Sanchez Achieve Success at MU

Alexis Sanchez admitted will take advantage of his experience during the Barcelona defense to achieve success at the club last, Manchester United.

The Chilean was recently officially introduced as the new owner of the number 7 back at Old Trafford,
after the Red Devils club exchanged it with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who was released to Arsenal.

Sanchez had previously been linked with rivals United, Manchester City, which handled former Barca boss, Josep Guardiola.

City finally decided to withdraw from the striker’s hunt, but Sanchez hopes to recreate the atmosphere of the dressing room as he felt in Catalan for the success of United.

“I believe that having a family in the dressing room is very important to win the trophy,” he said at MUTV.

“I played in Spain before and we also have a nice dressing room atmosphere
and we won a lot of things so I think my experience is very important,
it is important to have a solid team.

“I also think a club should continue to strengthen the team by bringing in new players and that’s why I’m here, working hard for the team, and trying to win everything with them.”

Sanchez Not Feeling Loved at Arsenal?

Alexis Sanchez said that he wanted to feel loved,
as one of the reasons behind his decision to move from Arsenal to Manchester United.

Alexis Sanchez finally officially introduced as a United player last night.
Chilean players swapped with Henrikh Mkhitaryan and became one of the biggest transfers on the January exchange.

He had insinuated those who criticized him in a farewell message to the Gunners he uploaded on Instagram, especially the former players who often doubted his commitment on the pitch.

And Chilean players have recently said that he wants to feel loved at his new club,
after finally officially become part of Old Trafford.

Alexis Sanchez Take Number 7 in Manchester United

“I believe that the club also cares about the fact that I will join, I get the impression that they really want me here, wearing the number seven backs,” he said at MUTV.

“I think every player feel the same,
players sometimes need to feel that they are important and loved by the club.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I come,
along with the manager’s presence, someone who has won everything in Italy,
as well as in Spain, he’s a winning manager.”